Monday, October 13, 2008

Process Design

The three elements of the service-product bundle for Victoria's secret are: Explicit serviceImplicit serviceFacilitating goodFor example, at Victoria's Secret customers receive a explicit service. Customers want that employees at the stores make the fastest and most accurate service than other stores when they make an order. Explicit service is also available at the stores where there is an high level of interaction between employees and customers. Another example of explicit service is when customers get in the store and see that the store is divided in lingerie and clothing in one side and perfumes, lotions, and makeup in the other side (Visual impact). Customers at Victoria's Secret also receive an implicit service which includes customers feelings- if they like or not the product. Also, they offer a credit card and gift cards that are implicit service too. In the perfume section for example, there are testers which customers can use it and test the scent so if they like it, they will purchase the product. Facilitating goods are the products that they sell in the stores, Internet and catalogue. Those products are clothes, perfumes, lotions, makeup, shoes, lingerie. The service matrix that Victoria's Secret use is co-route service matrix. Those stores offer a moderate number of choices (products) that are going to satisfy their customers. Most of their customers already know the brand so their needs and wants are quiet similar. Victoria's Secret sell their products at the stores, Internet and catalogue. In this type of matrix customers have a reasonable degree on decision making power in how they are going to make the purchase.
Victoria's secret encounters customer contact in different ways. In stores, there is high contact system, because the sales associates have to interact face to face with the customers, to understand the customer wants and needs and also to increase sales. The associate shows the customers the variety of products that Victoria's Secret sales, such as intimates, pink clothes, and beauty products. Associates let the customers know the experience with the product, and how has it work for them. The sales associate also let the customer know the importance to get measure every six month (The breast), and feminine information, in order to get the client attention, and also to convert a "just looking customer", to a "potential buyer."
Victoria's Secret uses self- service through the Internet and the catalog. This low contact service allows the customer to use technology. This service allow the customer an easy way to shop at home, Victoria's Secret website offers more products and more selections than the stores, and this help the company to get new customers, because of online promotions and the easy way to get the products deliver. The technology the Victoria's Secret use in the stores are bar code reader, inventory control readers, and a particular reader that let managers knows how many clients enter and exit the store.

Victoria's Secret use focus operations, in order of paper handling, they use direct mail to let the customer aware of the new products offer in the store. VS, every month send a coupon of free cotton panty and a $10 off any bra, in regard of demand management, VS use Internet technology, capacity management and client mix.
VS support employees in a vey outstanding way. The internal service quality is great because the workplace design makes the employees enjoy and feel comfortable. The reward are also great because every new item the employee get it for free or for a very low cost besides of the associates discounts of 30% or 40% off. Which is great because this help the employee to have a personal experience with the product that she will share with the customer. VS also give recognition to the outstanding employees in every department (intimates, pink, beauty, and cashiers.)

Victoria Secret's service recovery has a great gurantee that if the customer is not satisfied with any of their products they will get their money back. If any of the Victoria Secrets products were used or even worn, the store will still give their money back guranteed. Victoria Secret is all about the satisfaction of the customer and will do what it takes to please all of them.

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